Native American Herbalism: Your One-Stop Guide To Harness The Power of Better Health Through All-Natural Herbs (Paperback)

Native American Herbalism: Your One-Stop Guide To Harness The Power of Better Health Through All-Natural Herbs Cover Image
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Did you know that 7 out of the 10 most common botanicals sold in the US are said to have originated from Native American Herbalism?

Native American Herbalism is a 200-Year-old ancient science that has transformative healing properties for the most common ailments, stubborn wounds and even chronic diseases.

How would you like to discover the Hidden Secrets of this ancient science from the direct descendant of a long generation of Native Americans?

The Author, ADAHY is a descendent of the original creators of American Herbalism.

For him, writing this book is a way of keeping alive a 200-year-old family tradition of passing down the ancient knowledge of lesser-known herbs and their healing powers.

Here's a sneak-peek into Native American's Healing secrets:

A Profile of X+ Herbs that you can easily plant in your Kitchen Garden: Explore a magical world of lesser-known herbs which you can easily plant in your kitchen or terrace garden. Additionally, you will also discover how to recognize these rare herbs, care for them and get the best out of each plant

X+ Natural Recipes to cure ailments/diseases: Replace over-the-counter and prescription medicines with a natural plant/herbal recipe that's chemical-free and yummy to taste Prepare your own vitamin pills, infused teas, digestive gummy bears and a ton of healing delights

Hack Ageing with Herbal Secrets: Live longer and look younger with herbs that can reverse your biological age - Secrets straight from nature's bounty

Did you know that American ginseng is a great remedy for high blood sugar and inflammation?

Or that St John's wort has been used for the treatment of mental ailments for ages?

Discover all this and more here

Find a Cure and Remedy for Ailments of ALL KINDS: Acne, allergy, back pain, fever, bronchitis, heartburn, sinuses, stomach issues...You name it, and the book has a cure

A holistic solution to Psychological problems: Dealing with depression, anxiety or excessive stress? Here's your chance to come out of this emotional roller coaster naturally and permanently

Matching Herbs to ailments: Detailed and easy-to-understand tips on each herb's medicinal properties and techniques on how to find the right herb combination for a particular ailment.

Ready to turn your life around with the magic of Native American Herbalism?

You are JUST A CLICK away from a healthier body, calmer mind and younger skin..

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ISBN: 9781802948882
ISBN-10: 1802948880
Publisher: Naira Adahi
Publication Date: May 31st, 2021
Pages: 302
Language: English