What the Options Trading Strategies Are: Different strategies for Different Situations (Paperback)

What the Options Trading Strategies Are: Different strategies for Different Situations By Helen Midles Cover Image
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What Are Your Options? is a complete guide and comprehensive revision material on option strategies.

What Are Your Options? It shows you how, with just a tiny amount of investment capital and armed with the necessary knowledge of winning Option Strategies; you can achieve financial success and attain financial independence.

It is aimed at the beginner looking for complete explanations of Options and their terminologies and the intermediate options trader seeking to improve trading performance and profits.

Options theories and practical usage of Options Strategies are carefully explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

Several profitable Option Strategies, both primary and advanced, such as Call/Put Spreads, Ratio Spreads, Butterflies, and Condors, are also detailed, complete with examples using accurate time price data and risk/reward analyses and graphical representations to help readers visualize the options trades.

- Why Use Options Trading Strategies?

- Covered Calls and Protected Put

- Trading with the Trend

- Earning Money No Matter

- How the Stock Moves

- Introduction to Spreads

- Iron Condors and Iron Butterflies

- The theoretical and technical base

  • How to approach stock options effectively
  • How to use the Options to your advantage
  • The history of the options
  • Basic strategies
  • Advanced strategies
  • Advanced technicalities

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ISBN: 9781803039190
ISBN-10: 1803039191
Publisher: Helen Midles
Publication Date: June 21st, 2022
Pages: 142
Language: English