Ignition: A Proven Blueprint To Create A Six Figure Online Business From Zero (Paperback)

Ignition: A Proven Blueprint To Create A Six Figure Online Business From Zero By James Francis Cover Image
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Want To Start & Grow Your Own Profitable Online Business?

Ignition reveals the proven 10 stage blueprint that has created semi-automated six-figure-per-year online businesses from zero all over the world.

This same blueprint has changed the lives of average people who had nothing to sell, no idea what niche or topic to go into, and no existing authority status, audience or following...

"I'm at about $10k/month using what you helped me to develop." - Jason Hornung

"Our course sales for June were $41,000... on about $2500 in expenses." - Todd Groskreutz

"Just about 2 weeks in I've had my first $100 day, then a month in I had my first $300 day, 5 months in we did $5200, and just last month we did over $12,450 - and it's all due to James and his coaching." - Seth Johnson

"I made my first $1500 in 30 days because of his program. What he teaches works. Do exactly what he says, and you'll be surprised at the results you'll actually get in your business." - Isaiah Jackson

Also starting from zero back in 2008 while working at a grocery store, James Francis has gone on to make over $2.6 million in sales of online products and services, from his laptop at home, while working only a few hours a day, living his dream lifestyle, and actually helping people around the world.

Inside this book, you'll discover:

  • The most profitable online business model which allows you to scale your income to six figures per year and beyond stress-free, so you can live your ideal lifestyle without frustration or overwhelm.
  • The 6-step process to discover and choose a profitable niche online that you actually enjoy talking about.
  • How to fully understand your prospects so you can identify what they're already buying right now and give them exactly what they want.
  • Affiliate marketing VS physical products VS digital products - which is really easier and more profitable?
  • How to legally use other people's products as your own to create your own suite of products within one afternoon.
  • 4 steps to boost your authority status when nobody knows who you are.
  • The exact B2B and B2C product lines that make a huge profit and actually help people at the same time.
  • The Prosperity Formula for making your online business and products instantly stand out from your competitors.
  • Our exact automated 7-step email campaign which follows up with unengaged prospects and persuades them to buy.
  • The "Profit Process" which allows us to make up to $12 back for every $1 we invest in traffic (a 12X ROI), while building your own email list at the same time
  • The 3 different types of web pages to sell anything online, along with what works best for us and our clients in each.
  • Our winning order form layout for turning curious prospects into buyers.
  • How to turn one-time customers into repeat buyers on the same day, while ensuring they have a positive experience and feel good about their purchases.
  • The "under the radar" strategy to turn one-time sales into recurring revenue (passive income).
  • How to legally borrow other people's responsive email lists for yourself.
  • The traffic strategy responsible for multiple millions of dollars in sales for my business and my clients' businesses and how to get started with it - even if you've never gotten a single website visitor before.
  • The exact steps to follow if your online business "doesn't work".
  • The little-known methods to get capital to invest into your online business, without taking on a single investor.
  • ... And more

Are you ready? Let's get started...

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ISBN: 9781916083660
ISBN-10: 1916083668
Publisher: Digital Prosperity Ltd
Publication Date: April 29th, 2019
Pages: 254
Language: English