Miracle Metabolism: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Quickly Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, and Heal at Any Age (Paperback)

Miracle Metabolism: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Quickly Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, and Heal at Any Age By Thomas Tadlock MS Cover Image
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Thomas Tadlock, MS created the protocol for Miracle Metabolism to change his life, his family members' lives, and the lives of thousands of his students all over the world. In this book, you will learn how to transform your body with the greatest amount of ease and enjoyment, in a way that will leave you healthier, more energetic, stronger, and fitter.
-Learn Ways to Raise Your Metabolism
-Understand How to Increase Your Energy
-Master Creating a Body That Resists and Reverses Disease
-Get Tools to Lose All the Fat, and Gain All the Muscle You Want
-Discover the Diet That Saved His Wife's Life From a Deadly Disease and Inspired the Best-selling Book, "Goodbye Lupus"
"'Miracle Metabolism' focuses not on what to take away from your body but on putting in what your body is missing: nutrient-dense veggies that are key to health and vitality. By doing so, Thomas shares his knowledge on how we can all achieve a stronger, leaner, healthier body." - Joe Cross, Author and Star of the film "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead"
"In this book, you will understand metabolism in such a deep way that you'll be able to raise your metabolism-no matter how old you are-and maintain a fast metabolism for the rest of your life." - Angela Davis, Motivational Coach, Member of USA World Championship Track Team
"'Miracle Metabolism' didn't just help me change my diet, it helped me change my life. My body has been transformed, as I lost weight and gained a sense of wellness. I'm stunned at how much adopting Thomas' program improved my rheumatoid arthritis." - Matt Iseman, Comedian, Actor and winner of The New Celebrity Apprentice.

About the Author

Thomas Tadlock, MS is a Celebrity Trainer and Patent Holder who has been recognized as one of the top trainers in the United States. His first personal training company won the "Best of Award" seven years in a row, and his second company became the largest indoor fitness Boot Camp in Orange County, California. He was MTV's 2003 Hottest Body, and is currently the host of the number-one vegan fitness and bodybuilding podcast on iTunes, the Vegan Body Revolution show, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers worldwide.
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ISBN: 9781945446214
ISBN-10: 1945446218
Publisher: Babypie Publishing
Publication Date: June 30th, 2017
Pages: 222
Language: English