Polymer Clay Book for Beginners: A Step by Step Guide to Craft 20 Polymer Clay Projects with Tools and Techniques to Get You Started (Hardcover)

Polymer Clay Book for Beginners: A Step by Step Guide to Craft 20 Polymer Clay Projects with Tools and Techniques to Get You Started By Laurel Fennimore Cover Image
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Are you in search of innovative projects that you can try out to sharpen your artistic skills? Do you have a passion for handcrafts and are curious about how to make your own jewelry, doll, and basic sculpture from clay? If so, then your search is over

This book, Polymer Clay Book for Beginners, presents art in the most beautiful and enlightening form, opening your eyes to the splendor in art with its focus lens on polymer clay.

Why polymer clay?

Polymer clay is a long time admirable art, and though it is just gaining popularity and massive international recognition, it allows you to show a very high level of creativity. It can be described in just two words; creativity and fun.

It is best for children who like to play with their hands while working out their imagination. Polymer clay will give you great hours of crafting joy as you work your hands through the mixture. Polymer clay is also inexpensive and very easy to find. You are certain to find some in your local craft store.

This is a very flexible art that gives room for innovations and sharp creativity. With polymer clay, any idea is worth birthing forth and is a potential art edifice, just with your hands, and lumps of clay.

And yes, you don't need to be a master to get it right, your mess of an innovation or idea could be celebrated as the world's number one most outstanding masterpiece. As Sir Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said many years ago, "every artist was first an amateur." In other words, if any artist can build sculptures, as an amateur you can do much more, that is if you start working towards it, now.

Well, all you really need to get started is your imagination and enthusiasm. With your imagination, you can travel into the ancient time and create the most beautiful art piece of all time and with enthusiasm, you can make it happen.

In this beginner book, you will;

  • Be more acquainted with what polymer clay entails, its historical timelines and how it works.
  • Get to know the different application areas of polymer clay.
  • Be familiar with the terms associated with polymer clay.
  • Be exposed to the tips, tricks and techniques used in polymer clay art that will set you on your way to becoming an expert in the art.
  • Be enlightened on the tools and materials needed to get you started.
  • Educated on the safety measures to adhere to when working with polymer clay.
  • Get started with making beautiful polymer clay crafts with the aid of the 20 polymer clay project ideas discussed in this book with step-by-step instructions and graphical illustrations to guide you along the process.

...And a whole lot more

What more are you waiting for?

Hone your creative abilities, and build your crafting skills with this beginner's guide to polymer clay.

To begin your journey, simply grab a copy of this book RIGHT NOW

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