The Last Comic Book On The Left (Paperback)

The Last Comic Book On The Left By B K, Z2 Comics, Marcus Parks, Henry Zebrowski, Ben Kissel, The Usual Gang of Deviants, Rick Veitch, James Tynion, IV (Illustrator), Bob Fingerman (Illustrator), Ryan Cady, Tyler Boss (Illustrator), Eliot Rahal, Morgan Beem (Illustrator), Noah Van Sciver (Illustrator), Logan Faerber (Illustrator) Cover Image


Not a joke, not a gag like a necromancer The Last Podcast on The Left is reviving the tradition of the humor comic magazine except this time as a series of graphic novels.
Inside you will see stories edited and curated by your Last Podcast Hosts made to entrance the eyes and titillate the senses
SEE: Detective Popcorn solve the meaning of LIFE!
WITNESS: The descendent of Albert Fish!
GET AROUSED BY: Very Sexy Mothman!
A mix of Comedy and Horror created by some of the best comic writers ,artists, warlocks in this dimension.

Once read The Last Comic on The Left will change your life maybe for the better.

DISCLAIMER: The Last Comic on The Left has not been funded by an underground satanic cult. All Cryptid portrayals have come with the explicit permission of The Mothman, Sasquatch and Jersey Devil estates. By buying, reading or even looking at this book you are consigning your soul, spirit or any eternal animating entity to the creators of this book which again is not funded by a satanic cult .

About the Author

Eliot Rahal is a comics/writter and creator best know for his work on HOT LUNCH SPECIAL, MIDNIGHT VISTA and CULT CLASSIC.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781954928282
ISBN-10: 1954928289
Publisher: Z2 Comics
Publication Date: June 21st, 2022
Pages: 120
Language: English