NFT Hand-Book for Beginners (Paperback)

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  • Are you up for learning the art of making huge financial profits from the NFTs?Are you interested to know about the incorporation of NFTs in the gaming industry and their potential growth potential?Creating, buying, and selling an NFT is highly profitable. Do you want to have more understanding?
If these questions come to your mind, now is the right time to jump in and start looking for their answers. Fortunately, we are bringing all these explanations for you right here. The book "NFT Investment Guide for Beginners" is a comprehensive package as far as the most technical understanding related to the NFTs is concerned. Name any query about the NFTs, and you will find its detailed explanation here in this book. For all the amateurs out there, the book starts with the basic explanation of the non-fungible tokens so that you may grasp the core idea. You will also learn about it concerning Metaverse and blockchain technology. However, the major part of the book revolves around the ideas about making money through the NFTs. How do you think it is even possible? The technology has come so far that many of the world's population is already making millions by buying and selling the most wanted NFTs. This book will teach you exactly how to generate huge profits by investing in this domain in the best possible manner. You will come to learn about NFTs concerning the gaming world. Blockchain games are the biggest applications of the NFT network, and the players can have amusement and monetary rewards simultaneously. All the details about making profits through NFT games are discussed in the book in a detailed manner. The next portion of the book revolves around creating and NFT. The readers will learn about it effectively as the book is written using easy-to-understand language and practices. The readers will get a chance to know all the related platforms, selling places, insights about digital wallets, and much more. For those who consider it tougher to get convinced with such latest concepts, the book also brings the success stories of some top-notch NFT projects. It will give you an idea about their potential growth in the years to come. Similarly, the readers will also get a chance to learn about the increasing interest of celebrities, brands, and large corporations in the NFT world to target greater profits. On completing the book, you will be well-versed about the following concepts in detail:

Product Details
ISBN: 9781956223989
ISBN-10: 1956223983
Publisher: Koala Publishers
Publication Date: June 1st, 2022
Pages: 62
Language: English