The Covid Beast: Why We Cannot Give Up Access to Our Bodies (Paperback)

The Covid Beast: Why We Cannot Give Up Access to Our Bodies By Kevan Kruse, Dennis O'Hara, Alexandra Kruse Cover Image
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Is Covid the mysterious "cause" the Bible said would give rise to the beast government of Revelation?

The Bible warned us of a deception so great that, if it were possible, it would deceive the very elect. Yet, as we speak, there is a coordinated move by the world's governments to require mandatory access to our bodies. They are even threatening us with not being able to buy and sell unless we have a vaccine passport. It is not a coincidence that Satan needs these powers to pull off his ultimate plan. Indeed, with the technology available today, power over our "temples" is something we can never let any government have. This book will unite Christians and break the spell that has bewitched the whole world into willingly surrendering their God-given freedoms.

"This book will challenge you to make careful examination of the things that are taking place pertaining to mandatory vaccines and regulations that are being instituted to gradually take away our freedoms as human beings." -Dr. Thomas L. Dozier, Ph.D.

"This book is a significant example of veracity and faith that our God is greater than anything the enemy can conjure up. May God help us all to stand up and declare TRUTH..." -Dr. Anthony Ponceti, Th.D.

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ISBN: 9781956365122
ISBN-10: 1956365125
Publisher: River Birch Press
Publication Date: December 10th, 2021
Pages: 240
Language: English