How Evangelicals Got the Gospel Wrong: Reflections of a Latino Missionary (Hardcover)

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How Evangelicals Got the Gospel Wrong: Reflections of a Latino Missionary" is Wolfgang D. Fern ndez's penetrating analysis of the evangelical faith's divergences from its Gospel roots. Fern ndez, with over forty years of missionary service across continents, narrates a series of encounters that cast light on the cultural shifts and theological misunderstandings that have distanced Evangelicals from the original messages of their creed.

This reflective memoir traverses the globe from the streets of Venezuela to the halls of power in the U.S., offering a window into the soul-searching journey of a faith community and its potential redemption. Through Fern ndez's eyes, we witness a call to introspection and a heartfelt plea for a return to the authentic Gospel-a faith that champions love, inclusion, and justice.

"Let your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven."

Gospel of Matthew 6:10

Praise for Wolfgang Fern ndez and How Evangelicals Got the Gospel Wrong:

Reflections of a Latino Missionary

As a deeply relational person with a big heart and full of vision, Wolfgang could

be a catalyst for countless smaller and larger movements - in the beginning

churches, later broader Kingdom Initiatives. As such, his life has been a

blessing for countless men, women and families in various continents, systems

and social classes. Telling his Life story honestly and openly, including his own

brokenness and dark times, he shows what God can do through one man - not

perfect but faithful.

Reinhold Scharnowski M. Th

Steffisburg, Switzerland

Conflict for a married couple isn't uncommon. Sometimes, all the couple needs

is a third voice. That third voice can bring clarity as well as help the couple

to hear each other. Wolfgang Fern ndez, who is considered a citizen of the

world, does this for anyone who wants or needs cross-cultural clarity. He also

provides real life examples of how to live out a Christ-like model of the Gospel.

This book, How Evangelicals Got the Gospel Wrong: Recollections of a Latino

missionary is a gift to Christ followers desiring to imitate Christ in community.

Wolfgang Fern ndez's well-storied life leaps off the page like scenes from

an adventure film, yet his memoir unveils a deeper story than dazzling tales

alone. Behind rich scenes widespread, his vulnerable authenticity charts

profound personal growth amid life's rough and smooth. Despite society's

inward bent, he boldly bares all-the good and the bad-as one hungering

for God rather than reputation. Where institutionally-instilled constraints may

have isolated another, his sojourn from mainstream evangelicalism's center

to its margins brought greater community, gratitude, and generosity instead.

Ever the humble learner rather than resenter, he gifts readers the hard-won

fruits of a life-long quest to follow God wherever it may lead. For me, having

long admired his staying power against isolates, I'm inspired by this timely

reminder: the Kingdom that changes everything dwells within reach of us all.

Let us join the adventure

Shannon Hopkins

Advocate for Innovative

Church Foundations

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