Stage Method: Best Acting Practices for Fame on the Stage (Paperback)

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Many of the world's best actors gained notice for their work in theater long before they became famous. You can achieve that same level of celebrity in your own town by capturing the admiration of local audiences. Local recognition is where it all starts, and people get discovered off the stage all the time

Plus, did you know the largest demographic of actors working today is made up of those working in theater? Whether your goal is to answer the call of the stage or make the leap to film and television, you'll need sharp acting skills if you hope to get discovered.

Straight-forward and fun-to-read, STAGE METHOD features over 80 practical methods and best practices for the committed stage actor - including several over-looked acting secrets - secrets that can help the actor get noticed on local stages and advance in a professional career.

Written with the theater actor in mind, STAGE METHOD Best Acting Practices for Fame on the Stage contains a wealth of acting tips and techniques that can help catapult you to regional celebrity or launch a serious acting career ahead of the rest. David Tice Allison's STAGE METHOD is a book that ...

- Teaches you the art of character flourishes, and how they help you shine on the stage.

- Introduces you to the concept of Delivery Intention: a line delivery technique common to the best actors in the world.

- Encourages you to develop your status as a community theater stage celebrity.

- Teaches you the secret to never forgetting your lines.

- Reveals the Mother of all bad acting habits and shows you how to remove it from your work.

- Analyzes the various parallels between acting and metaphysics.

- Explains why trusting your intuition is always better than trusting your brain.

- Demonstrates how to make someone's weak acting choices work to your advantage.

- Teaches you a scientific technique for "milking laughter" from the audience.

- Includes dozens of other creative acting techniques and secrets, such as tips for playing a serial killer, how to borrow mannerisms from insects, how to imbue props with a living essence ... and much more

STAGE METHOD Best Acting Practices for Fame on the Stage is an excellent book for actor's just getting started out in theater, as well as a valuable resource for those who've been performing for years. STAGE METHOD is also a beneficial handbook for actors living in urban parts of the country, where community theaters may abound but industry-level acting training is not readily available.

"I've endeavored to make STAGE METHOD an enjoyable read, accentuated with wit and smart humor winking from the sidelines of the lessons. I am confident you will come away having learned a thing or two from my book - a few inventive performance tips, a handful of methods for taking command of the stage, a sampling of secrets. I genuinely believe it deserves a place on any actor's book shelf."


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