Shopify: Make Money Online with Shopify (Paperback)

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Shopify: Make Money Online with Shopify ______________________________________ In today's population, being an entrepreneur and a business owner ranks highly in the goals of most people. The dream of being your own boss is one that is deeply etched in their conscious and subconscious mind. And for years and years, we have been constantly bombarded with information, with advice and guidance that often echo for us to suppress that dream and take a more conventional route of life. Study hard, get good grades, be hired by a blue-chip firm that pays you a decent amount that will enable you to live a good life. What is it that they mean by good life? Is this the only path to true happiness on earth? Is this what we were made to do. This has been the advice that has constantly been offered, solicited or not. But in this book, you will learn something different. Life has changed. Personal opinions on what good is has changed and are now as subjective as could be. We live in the age of the internet. In the Information era, where everything is possible and all the rules will be re-written. We have been awakened to the realization that there is more than one path to fulfillment. There is more than one path to financial freedom. There is more than one path to a happy life. This book explores one of those paths. We are able to see how one is able to build a successful and global business while leveraging best on the resources that they have. Whether large or small, this book will open you up to the world where you will be able to start from where you are and achieve your goals in running a business and making a bucket load of money at it. It matters not where at what point this book finds you. If you have made the conscious decision to see positive financial change in life, then with this book there is no looking back. Take a deep breath and believe that your path to success is already cleared for you. Frankly speaking, if you are already this far, the ball is definitely already rolling. For what it is worth, I do believe in you. Inside you will find valuable, and quite possibly life-saving, information designed to let you first understand the basic principles of the journey you are embarking on. Your being here has unequivocally taken a lot of gut and conviction. The biggest hurdle is ever getting started and it is the stumbling block for many individuals. Boldly take that first step. Do not let yourself get complacent. Get started by buying this book today This book is a handy manual that will teach you: -Tools of the trade for e-commerce -Guidelines on how to establish your e-commerce store -Multiple options on the models you can employ for your business And much more... So what are you waiting for? Take action, not now, but right now, and grab your copy, today.
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ISBN: 9781974426317
ISBN-10: 1974426319
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 10th, 2017
Pages: 100
Language: English