Scientology Abridged Dictionary: Scientology Dissemination Series 3 (Abridged / Paperback)

Scientology Abridged Dictionary: Scientology Dissemination Series 3 Cover Image
By L. Ron Hubbard, Andreas M. B. Gross (Introduction by), Andreas M. B. Gross (Cover Design by)
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In the Science of Scientology it was necessary to define about 200 hundred technical terms. These terms have been defined by the founder L. Ron Hubbard and finally issued in this small dictionary: The Scientology Abridged Dictionary, originally published in 1965 by HCO, East Grinstead, Sussex, UK.

This was yearly reprinted, and in 1970 - under LRH - revised. This amended version is reprinted here. We added footnotes to all entries, which were revised in 1970 for your information.

When entering into the study of Scientology, you need this book to lookup all the technical words you do not understand. Later you should read the whole book to learn the rest and be prepared for your future study. Come back again and again and read this book as this will deepen your understanding of the subject; as whole concepts of the Scientology basics will be learned by clearing these words. So, this could be called The Book of Basics.
As LRH said a year after publication of this dictionary in the lecture on 29 November 1966, that this was not yet complete:

The truth of the matter is, the definitions and meanings of Scientology have not, from the most basic values on up, ever completely been covered.

So, he announced a series of lectures where he took up the missing words and defined them for us. This is why I have added these three lectures here, since 1966, these definitions have never been added to the Abridged Dictionary as it was intended. Now it is complete in 2020 for the first time per LRH.

The Church of Scientology - significantly controlled by the Deep State - has removed this book from circulation since the mid 1970s. What they couldn't use at all was a good understanding of the subject and the resulting expansion of Scientology.

For decades, we hear the claim that "Scientology is the fastest growing religion," but every Scientologist knows the truth; that the spacious premises of Scientology (The "Idle Orgs") are mainly empty and unused. Scientology has been shrinking since the 1970s, only about 2-3% of all original Scientologists are still "on board".

80% of the St. Hill staff recruited by LRH, and 80% of the Class XII auditors trained by LRH, and 80% of the Field Auditors and Mission Holders have been SP-declared: thrown out of the Organizations.

Others have left as well.
This says it all.

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