Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies (Paperback)

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Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and so on...

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HSBC, VISA, FORD, BMW, DHL, SIEMENS, SHELL, DELTA, Walmart, Pfizer, MetLife, Maersk, British Airways, Facebook, Walt Disney, IBM, Nestle, Samsung, Toyota, Apple, Bank Of America...

In reality, Amazon has already invested in learning and has begun to use Blockchain Technology. FinTech companies recognized that smart contracts, which use Blockchain technology, are transforming the world of conducting business.

Furthermore, dozens of new businesses are investing in the Blockchain every day, embracing the technology of the future

Blockchain has already replaced trusted third-party services with mathematical algorithms and digital signatures. Faster and less expensive payment transactions; employee payments may be made every second rather than daily.

They have improved data security by removing a single point of failure.

Data will always be accessible due to a completely decentralized peer-to-peer network. Blockchain will transform a broad range of industries. Blockchain technology is shaping the future of business; thus, seize the opportunity now and learn about Blockchain instead of falling behind

In this guide, you will discover:

-A brief history of finance and the financial revolution

-What caused the Blockchain to emerge?

-Who created the Blockchain?

-Bitcoin Basics

-What is the distributed ledger system?

-Who are the miners, and what is their responsibility?

-Understanding how each block is formed step by step

-How Blockchain works and why it can't be hacked

And Much More ....

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Product Details
ISBN: 9783986533908
ISBN-10: 3986533907
Publisher: Barclay Young
Publication Date: March 27th, 2022
Pages: 100
Language: English