Management of anxiety mental health and social competence in the vocational college student through positive therapy (Paperback)

Management of anxiety mental health and social competence in the vocational college student through positive therapy By Pant Lalit Cover Image


What makes a professional isn't merely an academic excellence; it is in the possession of the relevant virtues related to the professional's area of expertise" Micheal Quansah Human life is the best creation of God, having two important aspects namely biological & socio-cultural aspects. Biological aspect found in each & every living organism while the socio-cultural aspect is the outcomes of social outcomes which help to differentiate between the animal & human being. Socio-cultural aspects develop through education. Education helps us to learn new ideas & new ways of life. It also helps us to have a normal social & prospects life. Education can be defined as a process through which we acquire knowledge, experience, skills, habits & attitudes which help a person to live a successful & worthy life. Education is a dynamic force that plays an important role in one‟s life. It influences all aspect of individual‟s life such as physical, mental, emotional, social & ethical. Education is considered as a continuous process of adjustment to ensure overall development of individual personality. Education means reconstruction or reorganization of individual experiences which not only add the meaning of experience but also increase ability to direct the course of subsequent experience. Third Five Year Plan emphasized the role of education as one of the important factor to achieve rapid economic development. Education is considered as a deliberate & systematic process of influences youth through guidelines, discipline & advancement of physical, scholarly, stylish, social, aesthetic & spiritual powers of the human being. According to the Report of Indian Commission (1964-66) "Education ought to be related to the life, needs and aspirations of the people and thereby make powerful instrument of social, economic and cultural transformation". Gandhiji once correctly said that basic education is an important mean for development. According to Mahatma Gandhiji "By education I mean an all round drawing out of the best on human body, mind and spirit" Education is a procedure of effective learning of information, abilities and demeanors. The Historical development of education started with the instructions of customary components, for example, Indian religion, Indian arithmetic, early Hindu and Buddhist institutions of learning also known as Taxila and Nalanda. Islamic Education came into existence with the establishment of Islamic Empire while the western education came into existence with the establishment of Europeans education in Indian,

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