Arado AR 234: B-2, B-2/N, C-3 (Topdrawings) (Paperback)

Arado AR 234: B-2, B-2/N, C-3 (Topdrawings) Cover Image
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As the first functional jet engines became available, the RLM published a requirement for a reconnaissance aircraft capable of long-range patrols over Britain, all the way up to Scapa Flow. The task to build the machine was given to Arado, who put R diger Kosin in charge of the design team. The initial E370 project was gradually tweaked and modified until it evolved into its final form as a single-seat aircraft powered by two jet engines in underwing pods, designated Ar 234.

In order to maximize the aircraft's range, Arado's design team embarked on a radical weight-shedding crusade. Among the components eliminated from the design was conventional landing gear, which was replaced with a jettisonable three-wheel trolley used for take-offs and retractable skids mounted under the fuselage for landings. These design features were incorporated into the first A series prototypes, powered by Junkers Jumo 004A engines.

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