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Spiritual Symbols and their Meaning, AoL Book #8. Spirituality, art, archeology, symbolism, development of languages. Research into Ancient Wisdom through ancient art, symbols of Ancient Egyptian, Neolithic stones of Europe, Byzantine Empire, following Gods' names of Dio-nysus, Goddesses names (aNX) N or M of SiN. Pulsation, vibration, rhythm exists everywhere as Akasha / Sound / Waves & we hope to reach the vibration of Wisdom embedded Logic or Love Enlightened Intelligence transcending our microcosmic limitations understanding the macrocosms. In search of The True Name of God, from a Slavic perspective, going back in time, while describing One & Only within the ancient Greece we find the use of: 1) IαΩ, 2) tetragrammaton יהוה in Hebrew as YHWH in Latin script and 3) kyrios used by Ionic Golden Citizens of Ancient Greece. Following development of languages with "Yehovah" spelling, researching Ancient Egypt Rosetta Stone sounds and Ancient Chinese characters with a Slav mind, understanding Arabic, GrČka of Greece, Mačka (cat), Dzungla (Jungle), Zena (Women), Đ of Đavo (Devil). Researching hieroglyphs, and the sound based writings, Ancient Ionic Greek, Chinese characters, from Tao Te Ching, and Serbian Cyrillic and Hindu Sanskrit. According to the Ancient Egyptian Myth the hieroglyphic script was invented by the God Thoth (θoʊθ). We all remember 1,000 distinct characters of formal writing system used by pharaohs. Now, cursive hieroglyphs were used for religious literature on papyrus and wood, this is what researchers now call "the Proto-Canaanite alphabet", the term used for inscriptions older than 1050 BC, later evolved in Phoenician alphabet. Again, lots of countries, governments, scientists, religion leaders wish to claim the invention of the alphabet. What about Vinča's Neolithic (Serbian Danube) pottery scripts also found in China? Vinča's sophisticated carved statues signs, 100s of carved Canaan letters of Babylon, Phoenicians Arabic, Ionic, Cyrillic, Aramaic, Chinese, Hebrew. "Sinai inscriptions" of 1480 BC offer evidence that 22 Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols were borrowed to form the characters of the future alphabets. A beautiful example was the compilation of the Book of the Dead, "Emerging Forth into the Light", the loose collection of texts consisting of magic spells helping the dead King or Queen take the place amongst the gods, reuniting with divine father Ra, or mother aNX. Written with ink and a reed brush on papyrus, or leather many famous recently excavated documents, such as the Papyrus of Ani, utilize it. It was also employed on wood for religious literature such as the Coffin Texts. The Egyptians believed that knowing the name of something gave them power over it, so the Book of the Dead gives the mystical names to the entities the soul would encounter in the afterlife, giving him or her power over them. Everyday magic made use of amulets in huge numbers. Each Book of the Dead is custom-made & often the work of several different scribes & artists. Most sub-texts begin with the word Ro, which can mean "mouth," or "Word" or "Logos". For the visual lovers, they were individual papyri joined together size 15 cm to 45 cm. So tinny This is how our knowledge was passed A detailed scene, from Papyrus of Hunefer 1285 BC, in British Museum, shows the heart weighed on the scale of Maat against feather of truth with: I did Not Kill, etc. later adopted as 10 commandments. Exploring ancient worlds further, Ancient Egypt, Greece, Ancient Europe, India, China, Balkan to understand advanced Neolithic civilizations, sounds frequency of esoteric words & ancient wisdom. What about pre "Sinai", the Mediterranean region was the center of world As China was Or India Or Ethiopia The rest was too cold to inhabit. We died at age of 40 Post electricity, Gaia exploded. What about ancient Malta, Cyprus, Sicily, Balkan countries? Where did Slavs come from, what was their religion? Europe's Gypsis are Hindus,
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