Welcome, Caller (Paperback)

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Malcolm would like for his life to stay comfortably predictable. He spends every day with his best friends in the world, and it takes 12 seconds to walk to his workplace below his apartment. Like an episode of Friends, it's the type of thing every person in their mid-20s wants. But good things don't last. Malcolm's self-proclaimed archnemesis, Peter, has re-entered his life after their long-dead rivalry back in college--a rivalry which seemed to start without Malcolm's knowledge or permission. Already dealing with bursts of extreme anger that he can't seem to explain, Malcolm needs to keep his routine from being interrupted by any more unnecessary stressors; and, as infuriating as he is handsome, Peter Tollemache is one massive stressor.

Determined to keep Peter off his mind, Malcolm finds solace in calling into a late-night radio show hosted by the charming and mysterious "Rebo." Malcolm isn't one to have crushes (much less on people he's never met in person), but something about Rebo's soothing voice is too enticing to ignore. He's funny, kind, smart...and familiar. Before he can stop himself, Malcolm's daydreaming about him; about his voice, his laugh, and what this stranger could possibly look like on the other side of the phone. Rebo and his radio show become a new part of Malcolm's routine; unexpected, but certainly not unwanted. That is, until Malcolm finds out the man's true identity.

With Peter on one shoulder and Rebo on the other, how will Malcolm bring his life back into its comfortable balance? How can he keep his anger episodes in check when his nemesis has a habit of popping up around every corner? How can he keep these two worlds he's created from colliding? And more importantly: does he want to?

Product Details
ISBN: 9798201332921
Publisher: M. Dean Wright
Publication Date: January 17th, 2023
Pages: 280
Language: English