A Duet of Sword and Song (Compact Disc)

A Duet of Sword and Song By Lisa Cassidy, Danielle Cohen (Read by) Cover Image
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The time of the Shadowhawk was gone. Now he needed to be more. In the space of a night Cuinn Acondor lost his crown and almost his life. Devastated by Talyn's disappearance, he's on the run, fleeing from Armun and Shadow hunters who want to destroy everything he stands for. But he won't give up. Together with the resurgent Wolves, he begins preparing to take back what Azrilan stole from them. After killing their Shadow betrayer, Talyn is captured and thrown in a Montagni labour camp. With no way of knowing what happened to Cuinn or her Wolves, she fights desperately to find a way out, to return home to them. Like Cuinn, she refuses to give up, no matter what . . . even if escaping means allying with her greatest enemy. In the Twin Thrones, the Dumnorix are banding together and marshalling their forces. Firthland has brought war to their shores. And they intend on fighting back.
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ISBN: 9798212138925
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Publication Date: April 19th, 2022
Language: English