Truth in Combat and Life (Paperback)

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Truth in Combat and Life is an overview of 57 years of a martial art journey. While at first, it was about self-defense and tournament competition, it changed directions in the 1970s as my direction in life and martial arts became more serious. I had a teacher that showed me how I had a mistaken view of my own knowledge and skill. In the end, I wanted to chase what he was doing as well. It was the study of realistic martial arts. It used rational methods of study and comparison to determine what the highest percentage of strategies and techniques were in preparing for a life and death struggle.

During my life, I also used these principles to search for meaning and truth in life. My teacher did this but came to a different conclusion. In my last chapter, I try to discuss the most critical questions in life and how we can know that truth exists and is within our reach. All truth, no, but essential truth for our lives and our futures. Living with hope and reasonable faith has its advantages. 263 pages

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ISBN: 9798218019525
Publisher: Cbii Kai Sai LLC
Publication Date: June 6th, 2022
Pages: 242
Language: English