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Brethren and Sisters, in the Year 2014 AD, upon receiving numerous and very vivid visions about the future of the job market in the entire world, as well as the performance and effects of the Global Economic Landscape, I could not help but weep at the unfortunate predicament that would befall those children of God in the workforce who would be left out or blocked from accessing income-generating opportunities simply because they are not technologically savvy or had ignored the "clarion call" of understanding the internet, as well as harnessing its immense power to attract income even from the very comforts of their own homes or places of domicile.

The visions were given unto me by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, of whom I give all Glory, Praise and Honor every day and exhort all children of God to endeavor in their own personal lives, to have a sincere walk with Him so that they may not only attract unto themselves His tender mercies and blessings, but also allow the same Jesus Christ of Nazareth to pluck their feet from the net of their enemies even as He did unto King David as we read numerous times in The Holy Bible especially in the book of Psalms.

In one of the visions, I so that within a span of six years or seven years (Between 6 & 7 years), there will be a major event in the entire world that would force the entire workforce to depend much more on the internet for accessing job opportunities or be out of a job completely; And, in as much as I did not know what that event was, I knew that they who did not have access to the internet in their homes or a remote place that was distanced from their traditional Brick-and-Mortar offices, were going to be out of a job or an income-generating activity.

It was then that I designed, wrote and published The CashoMatic Express System as a road-map, tool or a comprehensive guide of harnessing the immense power of the internet not only to attract income in one's life or family, but also to learn how to detect and avoid internet scams that have caused disastrous economic effects to individuals, families and communities alike, and sometimes even leading to painful fatalities that could have been easily prevented if one was armed or equipped with the necessary knowledge as well as precautions.

Brethren and Sisters, in the Year 2019 AD, this prophecy came to pass as it was on December 12, 2019 AD, that the first COVID 19 case was reported in the entire world as per the records of The Center for Disease Control (CDC); And, is it not due to the ravaging effects of COVID 19 (CORONA VIRUS), that multitudes of people around the world became jobless overnight, as many businesses and organizations either shut down completely, or partially, or even converted their job or employment opportunities to those of telecommuting or work-at-home opportunities?

Brethren and Sisters, when I first published The CashoMatic Express System in the Year 2014 AD, it was an E-book, but due to the increasing demand of those who have testified of its truth and validity, I have therefore made it available in print form also.

Finally, Brethren and Sisters, it is my prayer, that they who find value in these life-changing income-generating ideas or opportunities, be inspired by the words and counsel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Himself especially as it is written in Luke 19:41-44; And, find it in their hearts to spread the gospel to they who are devoid of such knowledge or understanding at least in order to aid them to weather the storms of mortality especially in these trying economic times in which the financial markets are deeply troubled, and many are experiencing the dire effects of the eroding of the purchasing power of fiat currency especially due to inflation.

Encased in this book is The CashoMatic Express System.

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ISBN: 9798223898863
Publisher: Daniel Adongo
Publication Date: April 21st, 2023
Pages: 156
Language: English