Organizing a family: Ways to organize a good family (Paperback)

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By Joe Ben
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Family planning is one of the top ten public health innovations of the 20th century, ranking among innovations like immunization and improvements in automobile safety, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (CDC, 1999). Significant advancements in health and social and economic well-being have been made as a result of people's capacity to choose their family size, timing, and spacing of children (IOM, 1995). In order to lower newborn and child mortality rates, enhance the social and economic standing of women and their families, and enhance maternal health, smaller families and more space between children have been encouraged. attempts to modernize family planning in the United States started

quite early in the 20th century. Modern contraceptive methods were developed by 1960, and in 1970, the Title X program, which is the subject of this study, was established as federal assistance for family planning.

An overview of American family planning is given in this chapter. The significance of family planning services and the critical needs they address are discussed at the outset. Reviewing family planning's historical developments and key turning points follows. Data on family planning service usage is provided in the third section. After that, a description of the evolving environment in which these services are given is presented, including modifications to the populations serviced by Title X, modifications to technology and expenses, the

Social and cultural considerations, as well as a rising body of data, support reproductive health care. The fifth section discusses how family planning is paid for. Concluding remarks are made in the last section.

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