Sea Spree (Paperback)

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It's always summer at Vero Beach, Florida. The 4 kids in the neighborhood, Lance Anderson, Charles Kirkland, Andrew Taft, and Gerald Wickersham, all in 4th Grade, are frolicking in the sea every Saturday morning. They had just sneaked out from their homes on the oceanfront to go surfing. No matter what they're going through, the waves are their common interest. It creates a moment of comfort, celebration, and connection that binds them together. Even decades later, they're still inseparable, but so much else has changed. To feature them: Gerald Wickersham, a boy who's out to prove himself in the world as a competitive gamer of Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO), got tips from his IT Programmer dad. However, he met his inevitable demise when he was diagnosed with cancer of the lungs, stage 4. And, yet, his spirit stays behind because of his attachment to the game. He wants to be declared a champion of CSGO Majors. He bugs Lance Anderson to let his body be possessed to set out his desire. Lance Anderson, to everyone else, is an average kid, grows up in a middle-class family where he lives with his disagreeable sister. When Gerald Wickersham has pleaded to Lance that he's the key to unlock his dream of becoming a CSGO champion so that he could finally crossover the afterlife, Lance Anderson's life becomes shockingly successful. Andrew Taft is an aspiring lawn tennis grand slam men's singles champion. Being true to his initial quest, he garners many fan followers. Andrew has the prestige, wealth, and access that allow him to keep his dreams expanding. However, when a new girl, Chiara Greenberg enters his radar, that dream is shattered. He ended up in jail for a criminal charge of involuntary manslaughter for encouraging his then psychopathic girlfriend, Chiara Greenberg to commit suicide by communicating with him over text messages, private messages on messengers, and phone calls. Such an unexpected loss, he finds himself resigning from the limelight to a more practical occupation and lifestyle. Charles Kirkland is the son of the billionaire former king of Wales who chose to abdicate his throne in marrying a divorcee commoner and moved out from England in exchange for a peaceful and humble life. They keep hiding the truth from all until their secret blows up with Charles' destiny for greatness.
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ISBN: 9798500206732
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 7th, 2021
Pages: 180
Language: English