PHP: Advanced Guide to Learn the Realms of PHP Programming (Paperback)

PHP: Advanced Guide to Learn the Realms of PHP Programming By Logan Pratt Cover Image


Are you interested in learning PHP but scared off by all the details? Or have you already delved into PHP but still aren't really sure how it all goes together?Then this book is for you.This book covers all the important topics you need to learn in PHP, including plenty of practical code examples to show you how everything works together. We cover all the major concepts and explain them in a no-nonsense, easy-to-learn manner.Here's what you will learn: What PHP is and how to install itReal-world examplesPHP constants, operators and variablesPHP Expressions, operators and statements, including the if, else, and if-else statementsPHP looping, including the while, for and do-while loopsBreak and continue statementsPHP functions, including arguments and default valuesPHP arrays, including looping through arrays and multi-dimensional arraysPHP SuperglobalsObject-oriented programming conceptsClasses, abstract classes, objects, inheritance and multiple inheritancePHP and SQL database commandsAnd much moreThroughout the book, you will find examples, carefully chosen to show you how each concept works, along with the code output.Don't wait any longer; click Buy Now button and start reading the only advanced PHP book you will ever need.
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ISBN: 9798594616417
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 13th, 2021
Pages: 232
Language: English