PHP: Tips and Tricks for Building Modern PHP Apps (Paperback)

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If the thought crossed your mind that you had to build and design a web application by yourself, you might have dropped the idea right away. You might have labeled it as an uphill task or you might have ferreted through the internet to search out the most relevant information that is the easiest to apply. An internet search can overwhelm you by throwing plenty of information in your way, or it can simply make you realize that you don't have the right skills to get the job done.Unlike other information sources, this book goes straight to the point to answer your questions. Two major languages are needed to build a web application's basic structure: PHP and MySQL. Many important aspects of PHP are covered in this book such as its basics, its advanced features, tips and tricks, and the most useful feature of object-oriented programming, which is the backbone of a web application. Apart from PHP, you will get to know the basics of MySQL that works side by side with PHP in building a web application. The book carries practical and easy-to-do code samples that you can copy and paste into a PHP editor. I recommend that you don't just read, understand, copy and paste the codes, but try to edit them, introduce some custom changes, and see the results. This book is practical and hands-on, which will make it easier to learn web development with PHP. After practicing for a couple of days, you will realize that PHP, despite being a server-side language, is easy to learn. You can do it Click the Buy Now button to get started building a PHP app.
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ISBN: 9798671901092
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2020
Pages: 214
Language: English