Promising Young Woman: Screenplays (Paperback)

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Cassie Thomas is a 30 year-old medical school dropout who lives with her parents in Ohio. Years earlier, her classmate Al Monroe raped her best friend Nina Fisher; the school and legal system dropped the investigation. Now Cassie spends her nights feigning drunkenness in clubs, allowing men to take her to their homes, and revealing her sobriety when they try to take advantage of her. At the coffee shop where she works, Cassie is asked out by her former classmate, Ryan Cooper. On their date, he mentions that Al is getting married. Cassie begins a plan to exact revenge on those she holds responsible for Nina's rape. She meets Madison McPhee for lunch, an old friend who did not believe Nina was raped; she gets her drunk and hires a man to take Madison to a hotel room. The next day, Cassie listens to several voicemails from a distraught Madison, who has no memory of what happened.
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ISBN: 9798731225052
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 31st, 2021
Pages: 142
Language: English