Cookbook for Dogs on Raw Diet: Raw Feeding 101 & Raw Recipes (Paperback)

Cookbook for Dogs on Raw Diet: Raw Feeding 101 & Raw Recipes By Mary Juann Cover Image


Simply put, refined foods must be avoided.Why feed processed food to your dog if you wouldn't consume it? The COOKBOOK FOR DOGS ON RAW DIET is the only book you'll ever need, complete with guidelines and 40 nutritious recipes to help your best friend live a long and happy life, complete with simple recipes that will make even humans salivate. RAW DIET are more favorable, can help dogs live longer, happier lives, just as good food does humans, and dogs will never miss commercial kibble with these meals and treats. Note, dogs have been eating organic diets long before processed foods became popular. By removing grains and feeding your dogs a BARF, or Biologically Acceptable Raw Food, diet, you will feed your dogs the way Mother Nature intended. Why should you feed RAW DIET to your best friend?-Optimum health for your Dog-Shiny Coats-Less waste-Better Dental Hygiene amongst others.Your best friend deserves the best, and the easy-to-follow, all-natural recipes in this book will make it easier to prepare healthy treats and meals for him. Homemade dishes are the best for your pets, and RAW DIET is still a good bet. Many dog owners, including breeders and competitors, claim that feeding their dogs a raw food diet enhances their health, efficiency, and longevity. Learn how to buy, prepare, and feed your dog in an easy, cost-effective, and productive manner.
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ISBN: 9798732742978
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2021
Pages: 70
Language: English