Father and Family: We Are Sorry Parents (Paperback)

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Knowing the age and society is a must for every member of the school of thought.
according to the age and society in which they live.

of the litigants who could not criticize by forcing all the favorable conditions and limits.

As they cannot be expected to be successful, such people

Needless to say, he landed on the ground. This is the one whose feet are not firmly on the ground.

Muslims are a utopian, socially isolated and hovering

It must be a nonsense for them to live in such a position.

In our opinion, the author of the book we have translated, Sharia same as

to subject the society to a healthy analysis and to criticize it based on anxiety.

has tried. Sharia, as a result of this evaluation, in the society
identifies the existence of three parts:
  1. The traditionalist, religious group consisting of heirs.
  1. Since they accept the traditional religious understanding as they are,

opposite and western (Garbzede) educated/intellectual section.
  1. It is attacked by both parties and with its religious real structure.

the segment that tries to perceive.

The book consists of two separate parts. Islamic in both

concepts and worship are discussed from different perspectives.

In the first part, the author belongs to the second group mentioned above.
what generations have directed to their first-class parents.

It deals with accusations and criticisms (in terms of concept and worship).

In the second part, the members of the first and second groups are suddenly confronted.
  • Parents We Are Guilty

criticizes and criticizes concepts and practices especially to the younger generation.

tries to present its true meaning. The author thus

is subject to serious interrogation with all its segments.
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