Everyday Freedom: Designing the Framework for a Flourishing Society (MP3 CD)

Everyday Freedom: Designing the Framework for a Flourishing Society By Philip K. Howard, Bill Thatcher (Read by) Cover Image
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Something basic is missing in our culture. Americans know it. Nothing much works as it should. Simple daily choices seem impossible, or fraught with peril. In the workplace, we walk on eggshells. Big projects get stalled in years of review. Endemic social problems such as homelessness become, well, more endemic. Everyday Freedom offers a radical reinterpretation of the corrosion of American culture. The assault on authority after the 1960s, aimed at enhancing freedom, instead created a plague of powerlessness. The teacher in the classroom, the principal in a school, the nurse in the hospital, the official in Washington, the parent on a field trip . . . all have their hands tied. Things don't work, and Americans have lost the freedom to be themselves. Everyday Freedom offers a radical vision for change: Re-empower Americans in their everyday choices. The massive legal structures erected since the 1960s were based on flawed notions that human judgment could be replaced by elaborate dictates. These failed structures must be replaced with simpler frameworks activated by human responsibility and accountability. Nothing will work sensibly until Americans are free to draw on their skills, intuitions, and values when confronting daily challenges. This is the only cure to alienation. This is also the only way to deliver good government.
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ISBN: 9798874693114
Publisher: Ascent Audio
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2024
Language: English