Emergency Preparedness and Off-Grid Communication (Paperback)

Emergency Preparedness and Off-Grid Communication By Praying Medic, Lydia Posusta (Editor) Cover Image
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Distressing headlines warn of foreign cyber attacks that could threaten water, health care, power grids, and more. Cell phone and internet services are more vulnerable than we might suspect.

In this book, Emergency Preparedness and Off-Grid Communication, best-selling author Praying Medic offers his approach to prepping and using alternate forms of communication during a disruptive crisis. With the United States moving closer to war and government agencies warning of power grid attacks and other threats, it makes sense for every household to plan for a potentially extended loss of power, internet, and phone services.

This book discusses storing food and water, securing your home, developing a bug-out plan, emergency first aid, personal hygiene during a crisis, backup power options, home security, self-defense, surviving nuclear war, living under martial law, and protecting your family against the worst consequences of an economic collapse. There's even a chapter about how to navigate without GPS.

On top of all those crucial topics, this book is packed with information about emergency communication. More than a dozen chapters explain in detail the options for communicating when cellular and internet services are unavailable and the power grid is down. And, of course, Praying Medic offers ideas on building faith now for the potentially challenging times ahead.

Topics Covered:

Shortwave radio

Satellite communication

Two-way radios that do not require a license

Meshtastic and low-power, long-range (LoRa) radio

Building and testing antennas

Digital radio communication

AREDN mesh networking

Communication security

Amateur radio

GMRS radio


If you want to communicate with friends and family during a grid-down event, this book is the roadmap you've been looking for.

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ISBN: 9798988511236
Publisher: Dhayes Media
Publication Date: December 15th, 2023
Pages: 222
Language: English