Clearings In the Sky - Fauré / Boulanger / Ravel / Debussy: Songs by Lili Boulanger and her compatriots

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At age 19, Lili Boulanger became the first woman to win France’s Prix de Rome. In her short career, Boulanger advanced the impressionism of her era, finding her own voice in music that’s expressive and luminous, moving and enchanting. Debussy descriptively described her music as “undulating with grace.”

To place Boulanger’s music in context, the CD offers songs by prominent French composers who had a connection to her music: Fauré, Ravel, Debussy, Messiaen, and Honegger.

Clairières dans le ciel, Boulanger’s 1914 cycle of 13 songs based on poems by Francis Jammes, shows her talent for bringing poetry to life: Through sophisticated harmonic language, mood-evoking chromatics, and her careful choice and use of keys, her music reflects and enhances her chosen texts. Patrice Michaels, the soprano in this project, describes Clairières as “a major work in the vocal literature, comparable to the other cycles everyone knows. In this genre, I would rank her with Schubert.”