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'Matt Allwright is my idol. As a comic I'm supposed to say something funny about this book, but actually it's legit useful, helpful advice, written compassionately and clearly. I can absolutely see this becoming my consumer bible. Wonderful stuff!' - JOE LYCETT

'Every scam, rogue trader or poor excuse for shoddy service...Watchdog's seen them all. And leading the troops is the consumer superhero who has faced and fought every dodgepot going. Our Matt always has your back, whether he's wearing his cape or not.' - STEPH MCGOVERN

'Finally! A book that puts all the info in one place AND makes it funny. Matt is the best at this - making difficult stuff easy to swallow so that we can fight our own corners when he isn't there to fight them for us.' - GABY ROSLIN

Keep your money in your pocket**.**

In Watchdog: The Consumer Survival Guide, Matt Allwright will help you to help yourself amid the minefield of modern consumer rights and fraudsters, offering practical advice on how to sidestep pitfalls in all areas of life. Each chapter is built around relatable hurdles we all face - renting a flat, buying a car, securing our online data, booking a dream holiday and much more.

Packed with useful tips, myth busters and case studies, Watchdog: The Consumer Survival Guide will leave you feeling empowered and save you some pennies along the way.

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ISBN-13: 9781473532335
Publisher: BBC Digital
Publication Date: August 20th, 2020