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  • Explosive discoveries: Dembicki’s reporting proves that the U.S. oil companies responsible for the tar sands in Alberta have known since 1959 that their industry would cause a climate crisis. And they did nothing. And they covered it up.
  • For readers of Dark Money**:** Similar to Jane Mayer, who showed in Dark Money how the wealthy far-right is shaping the fate of America today, Dembicki shows how the same group are shaping the fate of the entire planet. And have been for decades.
  • New and confidential information: Dembicki poured through decades of confidential oil industry documents to write his book … And the truth is nothing short of astonishing and infuriating.
  • Award-winning journalist: Dembicki has won several awards for his reporting. Most recently, he broke a story in Rolling Stone about how Fox News has been secretly preparing for climate change. He spoke about the story as a guest on NPR All Things Considered.
  • Could the lawyer who took down Big Tobacco take down Big Oil? Dembicki profiles the Seattle lawyer and shows how his case against Big Tobacco could be similar to Big Oil, along with other hopeful stories of activists and individuals.
  • Our polite neighbors to the north … aren’t so polite after all: Dembicki tracks the blame for our current climate crisis all the way back to American oil barons operating in … Canada. A place we never thought to look, due to the country’s (now tarnished) image as being environmentalist.
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ISBN-13: 9781771648929
Publisher: Greystone Books
Publication Date: September 20th, 2022