Interested in working at Oblong?  

Great! We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds. While there are no strict prerequisites for working at Oblong, we tend to look for candidates who love books and are excellent at customer service. While we may not be currently hiring, all applications will be kept on file for a minimum of three months should an opening occur.

What is it like to work at Oblong?

New employees are given a variety of responsibilities, including shelving books, running registers, and assisting customers. Our store can get very busy on weekends and over the winter holidays, so prospective employees should be prepared to face all the stress and excitement of an intense retail environment. There are plenty of slow days too, so self-motivation is important. We also have over 100 events a year, both in-store and offsite, and our booksellers staff these events, providing book sales & assisting authors.

To apply for a position with Oblong Books, please fill out the Google Form below. Thank you!


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