Presentation, Q&A & Book Signing: Steven Lewis "Take This"

Event date: 
Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 7:00pm
Event address: 
6422 Montgomery Street
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

This event will be held at Oblong Books & Music, 6422 Montgomery St., Rhinebeck, NY.

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Take This follows the journey of a recently divorced and dispirited 60 year-old psychotherapist, Robert Tevis, who travels in a Winnebago from his former home in upstate New York, and ends up in Costa Rica. Along the way he meets a pair of sweet and companionable young hippies (Clover and Mountain Eagle) in a Virginia WalMart parking lot, reconnects with his angry youngest daughter in Asheville, NC, experiences a failed suicide, tumbles into love with a charmingly hard-edged food writer in New Orleans and travels with her to Mexico City where he suffers a mild stroke...

Steven Lewis is a member of the Sarah Lawrence Writing Institute faculty whose work has appeared in The New York Times MagazineWashington Post, LA Times, The Christian Science Monitor, Spirituality and Health, Ploughshares, Ladies Home Journal and a biblically long list of parenting magazines ( Steven has seven kids, sixteen grandkids). He is also a columnist for Talking Writing ( and Editor of He is also the author of Zen and the Art of Fatherhood (Dutton), The ABCs of Real Family Values (Plume), The Complete Guide for the Anxious Groom (Career Press), and Fear and Loathing of Boca Raton: A Hippie's Guide to the Second Sixties (Quill Driver Books).

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"Oh, the complications of love, marriage, family! They’re all here in Take This. Steven Lewis handles his characters with gentleness and insight. If only all our faults could be judged by someone as compassionate as Steven Lewis."---Ellen Bass, Like a Beggar

"Steve Lewis knows that for many in the boomer generation, the Merry Pranksters’ bus is now a Winnebago. But he also knows that the thrill of the trip is undiminished, the route, quite possibly, just as insane, the destination equally unknown. Along the way, Lewis documents--with tenderness, insight, and outright hilarity--all those ways in which the volatile forces and unpredictable circumstances that forge family bonds may be stronger than the errant behaviors that sometimes fray them." ---Akiko Busch, The Incidental Steward

"Take This  is a soulful gem of a novel, chronicling the last days of Robert Tevis, a psychotherapist with a big heart and no regrets. At turns funny and tender, author Steven Lewis takes readers on end-of-life road trip that leads them into territory that redefines love."---Sally Koslow, The Widow Waltz

"It's breathtaking and at moments heart stopping. I fell in love with this family, and I include in this family the young hippie kids. A lot of books claim to be about redemption but this book is that and more. It's about running away from home and home finding you. At times I laughed and at other times I bawled, but at all times I I couldn't put it down … In many ways I see Robert as Holden Caulfield grown up. This is the ultimate coming of age story."---Patricia Dunn, Rebels By Accident

"Hitch a wild, bumpy ride in a rickety Winnebago. Travel south through the Blue Ridge Mountains and New Orleans to Mexico City and down to Costa Rica on an odyssey full of love, loss and renewal, along with unforgettable characters, family secrets, and sardonic humor. Dr. Robert Tevis, former psychiatrist, is a heartbreaking, comical hero, so tough to love, yet so lovable in his hesitant quest for atonement from the life he built and destroyed. Steve Lewis has written the modern American tragedy, brimming with loneliness, sadness, despair and betrayal, tears of joy, warmth, and laughter. Truly a road trip to heaven."---Joanna FitzPatrick, The Drummer’s Widow