Salisbury Forum Zoom Webinar: Casper ter Kuile, "The Future of Community and Spirituality"

Event date: 
Thursday, October 1, 2020 - 7:30pm
Event address: 
via Zoom

The Salisbury Forum

Kasper ter Kuille

Casper ter Kuile is a Harvard Divinity School Innovation Fellow and author of The Power of Ritual. As the number of non-religious Americans continues to grow, where are people going to build community and experience spirituality? Join Harvard scholar and co-host of groundbreaking podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text Casper ter Kuile to map out the potential futures for religion and relationships in the 21st century. Casper will provide an overview of current trends, tell stories of innovative communities, and offer reflection prompts to discover where these themes show up in your own life.

"The Power of Ritual is essential reading for anyone interested in how to find meaning in our strange, new world. Bursting with wisdom and compassion, this is the rare book that really might change your life. It has certainly changed mine." -John Green, Author of The Fault in Our Stars