CANCELED: The White Hart Speaker Series: Beth Robbins & Karen Allen - "A Grief Sublime"

Event date: 
Thursday, April 23, 2020 - 6:00pm
Event address: 
The White Hart Inn
15 Undermountain Road
Salisbury, CT 06068

The White Hart Speaker Series is presented in collaboration with The White Hart Inn & Scoville Memorial Library


This work of creative nonfiction begins with the moment the author, Beth Robbins, is informed of her husband's sudden death in a car accident. Her navigation of grief becomes a hero's journey and ultimately leads to rediscovery. Beth will appear with actor Karen Allen who narrated the audiobook.

Beth RobbinsA Grief Sublime by Beth RobbinsKaren Allen

LtoR: Beth Robbins, A Grief Sublime, Karen Allen

In the book, Robbins enters into conversation with Keats and Whitman, Melville and Dickinson, discovering through these writers that grief has amplified life's spectrum, welcoming her into the realm of literature where imagination meets experience in new and profound ways. This heartbreaking story is ultimately hopeful and transcendent, transforming despair into a new experience of life and a recognition of the love that remains after death.

Beth Robbins has been a high school English and drama teacher at the Berkshire Waldorf High School for the last fifteen years. Prior to that, she worked as an editor for SteinerBooks/Anthroposophic Press. She is the founder of Keats & Co. “I have always believed in the necessity for authentic engagement with literature and the development and validity of everyone’s voice,” Robbins says. “My work with my students has been punctuated by dialogue and passionate debate, and with a focused effort on crafting writing that speaks both to the texts studied and in a voice that is true to the student. I strive to accomplish the same in my own writing.” Robbins has developed curriculum around the Romantics and Transcendentalists, among many other subject areas including Beowulf and Chaucer, Dante and Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf and Jorge Luis Borges.. Keats and the Romantic poets have always been favorites, but after the sudden, tragic death of her husband, she entered into Keats’s poetry and the notion of liminality in a life-changing way. From that moment, Romanticism and liminality have been touchstones. In 2017, the Bread Loaf Journal published her personal essay––“Fragments in Liminality: A Lover’s Discourse.” This has since been expanded into the book, A Grief Sublime.

Karen Allen is an American film and stage actress. After making her film debut in Animal House, she became best known for her portrayal of Marion Ravenwood opposite Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark, a role she later reprised for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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