Harlequin Valentine (Second Edition) (Hardcover) - SIGNED BY NEIL GAIMAN

SKU: 9781506700878m

The legendary Commedia dell'arte has been beautifully redesigned for a new hardbound edition! In this timeless tale of a buffoonish Harlequin's hopeless love for the sensible Columbine, the clown impulsively gives his heart to his ladylove, only to see it dragged obliviously about town . . . but a charming surprise awaits the pair before the end of their journey.

Spending a cold Valentine's Day alone can be tough, but Neil Gaiman (The Sandman) and John Bolton (The Evil Dead) want you to know that all it takes to make it through is the love of a good clown!

From New York Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman (SandmanCoraline), one of the world's best-loved comics writers!

Beautiful surrealism from master painter John Bolton (God Save the Queen)!

Gorgeously re-designed new edition!

Back in print for the first time in years!