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In Overground Railroad, Ruth Ellen's odyssey on the New York Bound Silver Meteor is the start of a new life up North that she can't begin to imagine. In poems, illustrated with collage art, a perceptive girl tells the story of her train journey from North Carolina to New York City as part of the Great Migration. Each leg of the trip brings new revelations as scenes out the window of folks working in fields give way to the Delaware River, the curtain that separates the colored car is removed, and glimpses of the freedom and opportunity the family hopes to find come into view. Overground Railroad releases on January 7.

In Freedom Bird, an enslaved brother and sister are inspired by a bird to escape to freedom in this dramatic picture book in the tradition of American Black folktales. Brother and sister Millicent and John are slaves on Simon Plenty’s plantation and have suffered one hurt and heartbreak after another. Their parents had told them old tales of how their ancestors had flown away to freedom just as free and easy as a bird. Millicent and John hold these stories in their hearts long after their parents are gone. “Maybe such a time will come for you,” their parents said. Then one day a mysterious bird appears in their lives. The bird transforms them and gives them the courage to set their plan into motion and escape to freedom. Freedom Bird releases on January 14.

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