Kingdom of the Young (Paperback) - SIGNED BY EDIE MEIDAV

SKU: 9781941411414a

"Ambitious, original, deliciously philosophical. Kingdom of the Young invites comparison to the cronicas of Clarice Lispector and the fabulas of Italo Calvino." - Carolyn Cooke, author of Daughters of the Revolution

The dynamic characters in Kingdom of the Young are searching: for adventure, work, love, absolution, better chances elsewhere. In a symphonic stream of consciousness, a fanatical child army loses faith in its commander as he ages unforgivably into his thirties. A woman possessed with wanderlust and a small inheritance seeks love among the cave-dwelling Roma in Granada. Traumatized war veterans run local rackets; smarmy bureaucrats rise through the ranks of repressive regimes; civilians attempt to escape the stranglehold of life under dictatorships. From the honeycombed caves outside the Alhambra to the streets of Havana, from hospital wards to quinceanera parties, these stories--along with the collection's illuminating nonfiction coda--testify to Meidav's vast imaginative range.