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 Nancy Castaldo

Where does our food come from? Is farming different around the world? In this charmingly illustrated book, follow sustainable farming around the world to discover how farmers from Hawaii to Sweden grow the fresh and tasty food we enjoy eating.

Explore the seasonal workings of farms around the world, and how food can be grown using sustainable methods that focus on quality versus quantity to ensure an environmentally healthy future. The World That Feeds Us explores fascinating farms and farming techniques around the world, including:

  • Global cacao production
  • City farms, on rooftops, and beyond
  • Heirloom crops and heritage breeds
  • Farmer's markets across the globe
  • High-tech machinery such as farmbots

A glossary defines key sustainable farming terms. Through this colorful and global look at farming, children will learn how farmers, and us, can make choices to protect the planet, while still enjoying delicious and nutritious food.

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