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Oblong Books has a subscription program just for YA (young adult) book lovers: OBLONG INSIDER. Subscribers will get a brand-new hardcover YA book specially chosen for them each month, along with swag and info about the books and authors we love, and whatever’s hottest in the YA world. We’ll help you discover the books that will be your new favorites. Oblong Insider subscriptions are recommended for readers ages 12 to adult.

All you need to do is choose a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription package, answer a few questions, and you’re all set. Subscriptions purchased between the 1st & 15th of the month will begin that month. If you subscribe after the 15th, we'll start your subscription the next calendar month.

Choose your subscription length:

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Can I give an OBLONG INSIDER subscription as a gift? Yes! An OBLONG INSIDER subscription makes a spectacular gift for the YA lit lover in your life. Just answer the questions on the recipient’s behalf as best you can, provide their shipping address at checkout, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What if I’ve already read the book? We’re going to try to choose books that are very new and perhaps a bit “off the radar” -- so hopefully these will all come as a delicious surprise and you’ll get to know new titles and authors. If on the off-chance you’ve already read the book, however, you can let us know, mail it back (or bring it to the store if you’re local) and we can exchange it for something else from the YA section.

What about series books? We might choose Book One of a brand-new series, but we’d never choose, for example, Book Three of an already popular series. Why? Because if you are into the series, you probably will have already ordered Book Three, and if you aren’t, you probably won’t WANT Book Three. Makes sense, right?

What if I don’t like the book? Part of the reason we’ve started Oblong Insider is to give you a chance to read books from intriguing authors you may not know about yet. We ask questions before the subscription starts so that we can personalize your selection and pick the books we think you’ll love. If for some reason you don’t, we definitely want to hear why, so we can be sure not to choose a similar type of book for you in the future.

What if I want a different kind of book, not YA? We love YA books and have decided to keep Oblong Insider’s focus on YA for the time being. If the YA edition proves to be successful, we may decide to roll the program out to Picture Books, Middle Grade, Literary Fiction and other categories as well. Stay tuned!

Do you ship out of NY state? What about internationally? We ship anywhere in the US. Sorry, we can’t ship internationally at this time.

Do I need a credit card to sign up? Yes, you need a major credit card to sign up on our website. You’ll be billed a one-time fee based on the selection you make and USPS Priority shipping is included in the price.

What if I want to change my address or my subscription? Just send us an email and we’ll work everything out.

Will my subscription auto-renew? No, but we’ll send you a renewal reminder when your subscription is up. You don't need to fill out your interests again if you renew, as we have them on file.

Any other questions? Email us!