Rhinebeck Essentials (paperback) - SIGNED BY ROGER TULLY AND BRIAN BERUSCH

SKU: 9781649990464a

Rhinebeck Essentials is a project born out of a conversation about everyday heroes. Award-winning, international journalists Roger Tully (photographer) and Brian Berusch (writer) took a look around their Hudson Valley, New York, village and asked, "Who are the everyday heroes that will feed us? Which doctors are going to continue well checks on our children? Who keeps the roads clear, or our prescriptions filled?" While the nation went on lockdown, essential workers were putting in longer hours and exposing themselves to tremendous risks so the rest of us could eat, remain healthy, and sleep in relative peace. This book is a selection of some of those everyday heroes from Rhinebeck, N.Y. And while the names and faces may be different, these beautiful humans exist in towns, villages and cities all across America. Take a moment to hear their stories.

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