Spiritual Rebel: A Positively Addictive Guide to Finding Deeper Perspective and Higher Purpose (Paperback) - SIGNED BY SARAH BOWEN

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A God-optional approach to spirituality that draws on ancient wisdom and modern pop culture

"A must-read for anyone seeking to find or deepen their spiritual path." --Francesco Mastalia, author of Yoga: The Secret of Life

"I highly recommend this for anyone who is exploring new avenues for their spiritual discoveries." --Dr. Steven Farmer, author of Animal Spirit Guides and other books

"What I love about Sarah Bowen's book is the freedom I find in reading it. Like Han Solo, she races through the galaxy of our spiritual assumptions, blasting away our mental meteors with her humor, to unveil the real path home." --Brett Bevell, author of Psychic Reiki and other books

"With a balance of careful scholarship and refreshing irreverence, Spiritual Rebel offers a treasure map to the best of the wisdom traditions, reimagined for a contemporary circle of seekers." --Mirabai Starr, author of Wild Mercy and other books

An indispensable guide for seekers, those newly embarking on a spiritual journey, or members of spiritual communities, Spiritual Rebel is for anyone who desires meaningful spiritual experiences without having to commit exclusively to one path or having to fear they might be "doing it wrong." May this diverse collection of practices and resources inspire the Force within you, by whatever name you call it.